Sunday school, 9:30 a.m.

For all ages, adults, youth, children

Children’s classes start at age 3 (if potty trained, otherwise the nursery is available) and up!

The nursery is available during both Sunday School and Church.


Married Couples’ Sunday School Class, led by Pastor Rick and Joan, starting soon

This class will begin Sunday, January 28th, at 9:30 a.m. It is for couples who haven’t been married over 25 years, and will go for 12 sessions. The class will deal with:

  • Conflict in marriage and how to resolve it
  • Communicating on a deeper level in our marriages
  • What are circles of responsibility in marriage and how to define them
  • Learning how to make a good confession and the need for forgiveness
  • How to love unconditionally and how to respect unconditionally
  • What is agape love and what does it look like in a marriage.


Parables” Adult Sunday School Class, led by Harvey Montgomery and Ed Maze

The parables of Jesus are an important part of the Bible. Jesus in His Wisdom simplifies profound spiritual truths to share with humanity about common simple subjects, in a form of relatable stories which are easy for us to understand. These stories illustrate valuable, profound and moral lessons for our spiritual growth and benefit.  This class will be taking a deep look at each of these parables. Harvey Montgomery and Ed Maze will be co-facilitating this interactive class for adults starting in January 2024.